Course: Main Course   Cuisine: American   Prep Time: 30 min   Cook Time: 3-4 hours   Servings: 10-12


1 Boneless Prime Rib / Ribeye Primal

4 – 6 tablespoons Big Poppa Smokers Money Rub & Seasoning (to taste)

4 – 6 tablespoons Tabasco Sriracha (as “glue” for seasoning)


Preheat smoker or oven to 250F (smoker preferred)

Trim some fat off of the meat, be sure to leave some on for flavor

Use Tabasco sriracha as “glue” – apply a thin coating to all sides

Season all sides liberally with Big Poppa Smokers Money Rub & Seasoning

Stamp the ends of the meat on the cutting board to pick up extra seasoning

Put onto smoker for about 3 hours, or until internal temp reads 130F (medium rare)

*Big Poppa suggests monitoring a large piece of meat like this with two probes on each end

Prepare creamed horseradish while prime rib is cooking (refer to video for instructions)

Pull prime rib block from smoker when internal temp is 130F

Rest for 10 minutes

Presentation carve/serve to your guests so you can control the portions

Poppa’s Pro Tip: The center of the prime rib will be more medium rare, the ends will be more medium/well done – be sure to ask your guest’s preference when presentation carving