Big Poppa’s Cooking Hack – Perfect Tortillas

Posted on Tuesday, August 8th, 2023 in Blog

Hey there, fellow food enthusiasts! Let’s dive into the wonderful world of cooking hacks that will transform your cooking game whether in the kitchen or on the grill. Get ready to amaze yourself and your taste buds with these genius tips:

Big Poppa loves plastic bags for so many things and here is a great tip to make your tortillas more pliable. Take your tortillas and place in a plastic bag after you have brushed with some oil. Put in the microwave for 60 seconds and they will be perfect for that next taco, burrito or any dish calling for tortillas.

Cooking hacks are like little bits of kitchen magic, making your culinary adventures smoother, more creative, and downright fun. Big Poppa will continue to provide you with more cooking hacks that will help you elevate your cooking game.

Carnitas Taquitos

Carnitas Taquitos


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