Chairman’s Reserve Pork Tenderloin Bulgogi Cheesesteak w/ Kimchi + Gochujang

Posted on Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021 in main dish

A mouthwatering Bulgogi Cheesesteak guaranteed to impress your taste buds. 

What’s for lunch? think no more. Just look at this tasty looking Pork Tenderloin Bulgogi Cheesesteak w/ Kimchi + Gochujang and topped with green onions. Big Poppa’s Bulgogi Cheesesteak is easy to make, give it a try!

Chairman's Reserve Pork Tenderloin Bulgogi Cheesesteak w/ Kimchi + Gochujang

Course: Main Course   Cuisine: American, Thai   Prep Time: 20-30min   Cook Time: 8-10min   Servings: 3-4


1 x Chairman’s Reserve Prime Pork Tenderloin

1/4 c. of Kimchi

1 x Red bell pepper, diced

1 x Sweet white onion, diced

1 x Green onion, diced

1 x Soft baguette or roll of choice

Gochujang Sauce (for serving)

Big Poppa’s Desert Gold Seasoning

Safflower Oil, or similar for cooking

Marinade Ingredients:

4 x Large cloves of garlic

2 x Green onions, diced

2 x tbsp low sodium soy sauce

2 x tbsp sugar (or honey)

3 x tbsp water

1 x tbsp toasted sesame oil

1 x tbsp of sesame seeds

1 x tsp Big Poppa’s Little Louie’s Garlic Salt


Preheat your griddle to 300F

Trim the silver skin off of the pork, place in a ziplock big and freeze for 1 hour.

  • Pro tip: Partially freezing makes slicing protein super easy!!

Make the marinade (see above). Put all ingredients in a blender – blend into a puree.

After an hour, remove pork from freezer and slice into thin pieces. Put back into bag and add marinade, place back in fridge for 1/2 hour.

While pork slices are marinating, dice bell pepper and onion.

Add safflower oil to coat griddle, add bell pepper and onion and season with Desert Gold, mix to incorporate.

When the pepper is soft and the onions are translucent, lower the heat on that side of your griddle to 200F, while keeping the other side at 300F.

Remove pork from fridge, and add to the “hot” 300F side. Cook for 3min and then flip and cook for 3 more.

Fold in pepper and onion mixture, cook for another minute.

Take 2-3 slices of provolone, place on top of meat and immediately flip to melt the cheese, stir to blend.

Cut open baguette/roll, layer in kimchi, and then fold in the meat, pepper, cheese mix from griddle.

Top with sprinkles of toasted and black sesame seeds, then sprinkle with diced green onion.

Drizzle Gochujang on the top, serve hot!


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