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A foolproof recipe for cooking a whole bird

The spatchcock technique is hands down the best way to cook chicken. Spatchcock chicken is when the bird is split, then flattened. Flattening the bird allows for even heat distribution cutting the cooking time in half. No more dry chicken. It’s fast, easy and delicious.

Spatchcocking chicken exposes the skin to higher temps resulting in the perfectly crispy skin. For beautiful color and flavor, Big Poppa seasons his chicken with his Big Poppa Smokers Desert Gold Seasoning – a delicious blend of bold Mediterranean spices.

Quick tip: You can spatchcock any bird. Try this technique on your Thanksgiving turkey, it’s sure to be a hit with your family.


Course: Main Dish   Cuisine: American   Prep Time: 15 min   Cook Time: 1 hr   Servings: 10-12


2 whole fresh farm chickens

1 cup of Big Poppa Smokers Desert Gold Seasoning

1 stick of pure Irish butter


Preheat grill/cooker 250-275F

Using kitchen shears to remove the remaining tail meat

Using kitchen shears remove the spine of the chicken. You should be able to open up the chicken

Open up chicken and turn it over. Use your arms to apply pressure to the chest of the chicken until you hear the cartilage crack

Using kitchen shears cut off any excess skin

Season chickens liberally with Big Poppa Smokers Desert Gold Seasoning

Place chicken on grill/cooker. Cook in indirect heat

Cook each side for 30 minutes. Turn as needed

Baste chicken with Desert Gold Butter(see below for recipe) halfway during the cook. Keep basting during cook if desired

Take chicken off grill/smoker

Slice/carve chicken

Baste with more Desert Gold Butter once chicken is sliced/carved

Squeeze lemon over sliced/carved chicken and serve

Desert Gold butter directions:

Melt butter in a pot

Pour melted butter into a bowl

Add Big Poppa Smokers Desert Gold Seasoning to melted butter and whisk


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