Teriyaki Tailgate Spare Ribs

Posted on Tuesday, May 25th, 2021 in barbecue, main dish

2 stacks worth more than gold

Believe it or not, these juicy stacks of ribs were cooked to perfection on a gas grill. Tender as butter and irresistibly tasty. Fire up your grill and give these a try.

Course: Main Course   Cuisine: American   Prep Time: 15-20min   Cook Time: 2-3hrs   Servings: 8-10


2 x Racks Spare Ribs

Big Poppa’s Sweet Money Championship Rub

1 x Bottle Nippon Shokken Teriyaki Sauce

Apple Juice

Olive Oil Spray

Aluminum Full Pan + Foil


Want ribs but don’t have a smoker? Yes, it can be done on a gas grill!

Set up your gas grill with the left and right burners set to LOW and the center burner set to OFF. Also, make sure there is an upper rack/second shelf in your grill, you will need this later.

Note: This recipe is for ribs on a gas grill but you can also try it with any other charcoal grill or smoker. Big Poppa used his Twin Eagles gas grill for this recipe without using the Twin Eagles smoker box!

Prepare the ribs by removing the membrane on the back/bone side.

Season liberally with Big Poppa’s Sweet Money Championship Rub on both sides

Spray with olive oil spray, set aside and let the seasoning “melt” until the ribs are shiny, about 5-10min.

Take a full aluminum pan, place the ribs in the pan, and add about 4oz of apple juice.

Place the pan on the center of the grill, covered, and cook for about an hour.

After an hour, remove from the pan and place ribs on the upper rack, re-season with Big Poppa’s Sweet Money Championship Rub, close the lid and cook for about 40min more.


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