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“When I realized that cooking could become a creative outlet for me… that’s when I was hooked.” – Sterling “Big Poppa” Ball

Welcome! We’re happy you’re here.

Sterling “Big Poppa” Ball and the Big Poppa Smokers team are excited to bring you delicious recipes, product features, outdoor cooking tips & tricks (and more) via the Cooking with Big Poppa blog.

Sterling is a world champion pitmaster who competes on the KCBS circuit, the owner/curator of the Big Poppa Smokers BBQ store, creator of the Big Poppa Seasonings line, and the creator of the DIY Drum Smoker Kit – the man knows a thing or two when it comes to cooking in the backyard.

With over 30 years of cooking experience, Sterling is happy to share his creative, easy to follow recipes with you. Whether you’re a backyard BBQ pro, or a novice in the kitchen: Big Poppa has you covered. 

As you peruse through the recipes, you’ll notice that many of them are cooked on a grill or smoker; however, they also translate well to the oven with little to no adjustments needed. While you’re cooking, don’t forget Big Poppa’s #1 tip to consistent BBQ results: Know what your pit/oven temp is supposed to be at + know what your ending internal meat temp is at, and you’ll be fine.

You may also notice that some recipes feature Smithfield fresh pork or Tabasco hot sauce – Big Poppa was chosen to be a brand ambassador for both. He enjoys the versatility of Smithfield pork (chops, kebabs, roast, bacon… the list goes on), and has been using Tabasco as his go-to hot sauce for years. Sterling is proud to be a part of the Smithfield family and #TeamTabasco!

We hope that you enjoy these recipes, and that you’re able to feel the dedication and passion behind their creation. Some may be familiar favorites with a twist, while others might help you learn something new. Either way, we’re confident that the Cooking with Big Poppa blog will help you improve your cooking skills (both in the kitchen and in the backyard).

-Sterling “Big Poppa” Ball & The BPS Team


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