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Big Poppa’s DIY Drum Smoker Kit is an inexpensive and fun way to build your own high-quality drum smoker for a fraction of the cost. What distinguishes this kit from others is its old school look, high-quality parts, dual performance, and simple assembly that only requires a few tools (and some elbow grease).

Big Poppa’s Drum Smoker Kit has been the original DIY kit since 2010. Thousands of kits have been sold to many happy and satisfied customers across the U.S., U.K., Australia, Mexico, and Europe. All you need is a 55-gallon food grade drum, some simple tools, a free day (or two), and enthusiasm for DIY projects… and you get a smoking/grilling machine in return.

If you are a hands-on BBQ enthusiast who wants a custom smoker that nobody else will have – Big Poppa’s DIY Drum Smoker Kit is for you.

Quick Facts About the DIY Drum Smoker Kit

  • Compatible with 55-gallon food grade drums, but we have seen many customers customize their own to smaller drums
  • Charcoal nest holds up to 15lbs of charcoal
  • Cooks can last up to 10 hours at low smoking temps
  • You can smoke or grill with the adjustable grates and charcoal nest
  • Second grate can be added for a second level of cooking or to hold a water pan
  • There are many upgrades and parts available so you can trick out your drum in just about any way you want to
  • The grease/drippings that come from the grate and drip on the coals evaporate back up into your food and provide it with a unique flavor profile
  • Free shipping within the continental United States
  • Limited, 1 year warranty from date of purchase

As with all new smokers, there is a learning curve when it comes to controlling the air intake/exhaust to get the temperature dialed in; however, we feel that one of the best things about BBQ is the practice! Don’t feel like babysitting your smoker? You can go the “hands-off” route and let a digital temperature control device (we like BBQ Guru) do the work for you. The Big Poppa Smokers BBQ Store offers the option to add the BBQ Guru adapter for your Guru controller.

Big Poppa has also designed numerous upgrades and replacement parts for his drum smoker kit, including but not limited to: a stainless steel rib + meat hanging kit, a stainless steel “beefy” charcoal nest, stainless steel “beefy” grate, a non stick cooking mat, side table, lid hinge, ash catcher, and drum cover… all of which can be found here. We here at BPS HQ highly recommend the ash catcher – it makes clean up a lot easier AND the rib hanging kit (perfect for when you’re hosting a party and need to cook more than a few racks of ribs!).

The kit also has easy to find replacement hardware. So if you lose or need to replace hardware years down the line, you can purchase extra hardware at any hardware store. Just be sure to keep your instruction manual – as all hardware sizes are listed in there! Of course, if your dog eats your DIY drum smoker manual (this has actually happened), you can always call the customer service team at Big Poppa Smokers and they’ll share a digital copy with you.

By building your own smoker you are also able to fully customize it to your liking. We’ve seen people go for some elaborate paint jobs, while others will go with plain black. We suggest purchasing high heat paint in spray cans at your local hardware store or online.

Don’t want to search for your own drum? Big Poppa Smokers offers various drum kit options with a food-grade barrel included. From a plain carbon drum to a stainless steel finish, pre-drilled, and even a 90% assembled drum kit (perfect if you don’t care for DIY projects).

Already have your Big Poppa Smokers Drum Kit but need a drum? Find your drum here.


Have More Fun with Your Drum

Who says you you can’t get creative on a drum smoker? Big Poppa loves to try new recipes on his pit, from Brussel sprouts to pork chops. You can cook just about anything on the drum (you can even bake!). Check out some of Big Poppa’s favorite recipes cooked on his drum smoker:

Nothing compares to that smoky flavor that comes from cooking with a barrel. Drum smokers are known as the best way to achieve that authentic bbq taste that many BBQ enthusiasts aim to create. The cylindrical shape of the barrel is not only unique but most importantly, it allows the smoke from the charcoal to circulate perfectly and give you a nice, even cook.

Big Poppa is always looking for ways to provide backyard cooks the best BBQ options to become the #1 pit-master on their block. He engineered the BPS DIY Drum Smoker Kit for barbecue aficionados who wanted to cook on an authentic smoker but wanted more than the original “UDS” or “Ugly Drum Smoker” experience. The DIY Drum Smoker Kit

If you’re a do it yourself type of person who does not mind a little elbow grease, this kit is for you. You’ll feel proud knowing you built your own quality BBQ smoker that smokes, sears, and grills like a beast.


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